About Shah Mokhdum Medical College

The objective of Shah Mokhdum Medical complex is to provide world class medical education at affordable costs and to prepare tomorrow’s leaders in all walks of life in home and abroad with the help of a distinguished teaching staff following national curricula & the medium of  which is English.
The academic curricula of the medical complex are approved by the government of the people’s republic of Bangladesh. Thus the degree and diploma of these medical Institutions are accepted by all government, Semi-government and private organizations as well as international agencies in the country and abroad.

  1. To provide studies and training of M.B.B.S Course producing highly skilled medical Graduates of International standard with a view to meeting enormous need of medical doctors in the country.
  2. To help & provide increasing opportunities to the meritorious Students desiring to study in these medical fields.
  3. To produce qualified and skilled medical graduate of international standard who will be able to work successfully both of home and abroad.

Special features:
Shah Mokhdum Medical complex is committed to quality education following national curricula. All students of Shah Mokhdum Medical complex will be well equipped with modern facilities. It has online internet facilities and practical sessions in addition to theoretical education. The teaching medium is English. The Students are offered medical courses on English language.
Admission procedure:
Incase of admission all the institutions of Shah Mokhdum Medical college followed by the government rules and regulation in consultation with the of respective authorities like BMDC,  state medical faculties etc. The date of admission of the selected candidate will be published in the notice board of Shah Mokhdum Medical college & in the newspaper. Accepted applicants are required to complete their admission formalities by paying the requisite fees within the date fixed for the purpose.