Opening Greetings

Welcome you all to take the opportunity of medical Graduate education in our green & beautifully Located Medical college campus. “SHAH MOKHDUM MEDICAL COLLEGE” approved and recognized by the Ministry of Health & family welfare, Government republic of Bangladesh.

We take great pleasure in extending to all of you the greetings of SHAH MOKHDUM MEDICAL COLLEGE and our own personnel good wishes.

Rajshahi is regarded as the holy place of renowned saint Hazrat Shah Mokhdum (R.) for His pious philosophy of life and rear virtues in the whole subcontinent and the present Rajshahi is called the city of learning of various branches of knowledge. Like Medical, Paramedical, Engineering, Agriculture & University education. Shah Mokhdum Medical Complex is designed to achieve that aim.

Campus location: Shah Mokhdum medical complex is a combined multistoried building situated in a calm and green environment at Northern part of Rajshahi City which is not far off from north boundary of very location Rajshahi University nearing only 2k.m. Its also closing point from Rajshahi Bus Terminal (Nawdapara) i,e about 3k.m. Eastern part from Ammchottor (Nodapara Bypass More). Specific location: khar-khari, Boalia, Rajshahi. With the vision of meeting the national and international demand in medical profession, the following sectors have been installed.

  1. Shah Mokhdum Medical College (SMMC)
  2. Shah Mokhdum Medical College Hospital (SMMCH)
  3. Shah Mokhdum Nursing Institute (SMNI)
  4. Shah Mokhdum Institute of Medical Technology (SMIMT)
  5. Shah Mokhdum Institute of Research Development (SMIRD)